Ravelympics 2010 and extras

I joined Team Buttercream for Ravelympics 2010, I’m doing the Dandy Neckerchief I started on Saturday for it. It’s slowly growing! I already repeated the pattern four times and, though I messed on some leaves, it’s not looking that bad so far.

To help relaxing a bit (knitting my first shawl, it being lace and with such a thin yarn and all), I made some quick projects.

On Monday I finished a blanket for my cats. I used a old yarn ball my mom found at the bottom of her cupboard, something ressembling corduroy but with a fluffier consistence. As soon as I came back home with the yarn, my cats loved it, so it just needed to be turn into a blanket for them 🙂

Kitty Blanket

Yarn: unknown
Needles: 8mm
Pattern: made up on the go. Mainly a 1k1p rib all around and plain stockinette for the rest

Today I made a cozy for my coffee mug. This is something I always wanted to have, and now that I finally know how to knit, it needed to be made. I used the Patty pattern by Jenny Raymond, but altered it a bit.

Patty mug cozy

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Brites in Limegreen
Needles: 4,5mm
Pattern: Patty by Jenny Raymond
Mods: I didn’t feel like looking for my crochet hooks, so I changed the closing system into a little tail with decreases.
r1 rs – k, ssk, ssk, k, k2tog, k2tog, k
r2 ws – p7
r3 rs – k, ssk, k, k2tog, k
r4 – p5
Continue 1 row knit, 1 row purl, until reaching the desired lenght. then purl one right side row and ready.
I used a small button so it could be slipped between the knitted stitches without extra fuss

And oh well, I just love my Rascal the Raccoon mug ❤


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