Oh my! More than a month has passed since my last post here, and i’ve knitted so much! Let’s see if I can write about it all and then go on writing a few times a week. Lazy me!!

Violetas on my windowpane

Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Sock in color Violeta Africana
Needles: 4mm PONY needles
Pattern: test knit for Sarah Burghardt, yet to be published
Mods: none
Comments: love. L O V E. the pattern, the knitting process, the malabrigo. pure and simple love. Sarah’s pattern uses short rows to shape the peaks in the edge, and then the body of the shawl is knitted sideways. no seams, no picking up stitches. I had to frog the edge 4 times because I can’t count, so I ended up using a bazilllion stitch markers to separate everything. I also used stitch markers for the body, which allowed fast knitting while watching The Tudors and Miami Medical 🙂
this shawl is getting daily wear in a course I’m taking part in (air conditioning wonders in a 32ºC+ June climate), and I’m getting lots of compliments. the yarn is also a dream to knit with, it’s so buttery soft

Silk Berry

Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk Solid in color Berry Smoothie. I used just 3/4 of the skein
Needles: Denise interchangeable needles 3.75mm
Pattern: Bandana by Kalinumba
Mods: none
Comments: this little shawlette was a fun knit, with the right amount of lace to keep your attention on, and the right lenght to be knit in a whim and not get bored. perfect size for throwing in the purse and wrapping around your neck in air conditioning-friendly places. the panda silk is oh so soft

Summery Hobo

Yarn: COTONE, a 100% dk cotton non-brand yarn distributed by El Corte Inglés.
Needles: 3mm and 3.5mm PONY needles
Pattern: Hobo by Martin Storey
Mods: I didn’t like the buckles in the straps, so I made them shorter and used D rings instead (I was getting tired of the cables too, lol)
Comments: this top is great and I had a lot of fun knitting it. the fitting is perfect, too. I have been wearing it tons, may need to make another!

Lime is for summer

Yarn: COTONE, a 100% dk cotton non-brand yarn distributed by El Corte Inglés.
Needles: Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles size 3.75mm
Pattern: test knit for Andrea Rangel. The pattern, Beach Shorts, has not yet been published
Mods: none. it’s a test knit, so it was knitted as said
Comments: I like this yarn a lot more than I thought. it’s soft and very comfortable, and easy to knit with

I should come back tomorrow and show what I’m currently working on, and my future plans 🙂


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