Roasted Oranges and Flying Squirrels

I finished my lovely soya top, and it matches my shoes! 😀

Summertime Pumpkin

Yarn: Sublime Yarns Soya Cotton DK in color Pumpkin
Needles: 3.5mm PONY needles for the ribbing, 4mm KnitPro Symfonie Wood Interchangeables
Pattern: Summertime Tunic by Katie Himmelberg
Mods: I didn’t knit the first stockinette portion, I started directly with the waist ribbing to make the shirt shorter
Comments: I need stockinette/garter projects for watching the tv, or I mess with lace and complex constructions. this cami was perfect for the first World Cup matches. it’s a very easy knit, but the result is cute and comfortable, and cool! the yarn was very nice to work with, soft and with a nice stitch definition, and with that little drape needed by this sort of garment. I will be knitting with soya again.

I used my brand new KnitPro Symfonie Wood Interchangeable needles for the first time with this project, and I love them to bits! they are less slippery than my metal PONYs, but the yarn doesn’t stick to them like chewing gum like with the plastic Denise needles. they are also gorgeous to look at while knitting, those colors just make you happy every time they pop out of your knitting


there’s still much World Cup to see, so I needed another mainly stockinette project. I chose Adrift by Carol Feller. I’ve been swatching today with the super yummy and super soft 100% lace cashmere I got from ColourMart’s last sale (15% off!). I have an über beautiful cone of cashmire in a rich orangey-tan color called “squirrel”.


it’s amazing to see how the knitted yarn, which looks like an ugly greasy thread, turns into a squishy soft and fluffy square of fabric once you follow ColourMart’s instructions on washing and rubbing. I can’t stop petting my swatch 😀

my knitting has a busy future. my mom has requested a Citron in a stone washed Zauberball, in fingering weight. she wants it quite big, so I’ve ordered two Zauberballs. I’ve also ordered some other tips for my Symfonie Wood needles, the ones that were in stock.

off to cast on for my Adrift!


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