Ravelympics 2010 winner!

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I got two medals! I am so proud, because I didn’t only finish the project I expected, but I had enough time to make a second one.

I am the happy winner of a Short Track Shawls and Mitten Moguls medal!

Purple Dandy

Yarn: unknown 20-year-old ball my mother found in a drawer, supposedly acrylic
Needles: PONY 3mm circulars
Pattern: Dandy Neckerchief by Ariane Caron-Lacoste
I was afraid of running our of yarn, but I was able to make a whole shawlette with just one little ball, and ended up with 18 pattern repetitions. The wingspan is a bit wee short, but I just tuck the ends under the part around my neck, instead of having them fall over my shoulders.
I found the yarn may be acrylic, because it didn’t block . The pattern looks great though, I couldn’t have chosen a better motif for this yarn

Happy Hands Up

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock S184
Needles: PONY 2.5mm dpns
Pattern: Hands Up by Aileen Carhill
Mods: I have really slim and long hands, which is a real pita when I want to find gloves, either they are too short if they fit snugly, or fall off my hands if they are the right length. I modified a bit the pattern to better fit my hands. I added some knitting rows to make them longer, and modified stitch count on some rows. The result is that they fit me perfectly and don’t pull at my knuckles as these sort of mitts always do.
I made the pink mitt pulling the yarn from the center of the ball. The next yarn was a sad lilac, so I made the green mitt with the outer yarn.
Did I say I LOVE the colors? I find it funny, that both have the same green at the cuff, and then evolve so differently.
I don’t know if I love or hate Noro Kureyon Sock… the color is gorgeous and amazing, the touch after knitting is a bit rough (it seems it will get softer when soaked, washed and blocked), but knitting it was horrible! I had my fingers in shreds! Worth the pain, though 🙂

And I finally decided to start a different project… The uber-famous Sexy Vesty! I am using the purple DK yarn in this picture and it feels so soft and bouncy 😀

I knitted a swatch for the first time and I didn’t get gauge with the recommended 3.75 needles, so I went up to 4mm and got it exactly. I hope it comes right!

First time using my Denise Interchangeable Needles, too. I love the fact that I have a 17″ circular cable for the needles, I could cry from happiness. In my city I could only find 31″ circular needles, and knitting there was far too messy for me. Now I have all my stitches wonderfully together, no stitch is pulled from the other, and the circular flow is smooth. The touch of plastic needles feels a bit strange after being used to metal, but the knitting is soft and I’m getting used 🙂

klematis vesty



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After a tearful frogging nightmare a couple of days ago, my Dandy is slowly growing, currently at 8 pattern repetitions. I’ve checked other finished projects and see people stop at 15-20 repetitions, so still a bit to go! I don’t want it to be too big, since I won’t wear it over my shoulders. I prefer them wrapped around my neck

Right now I don’t even look at the chart at times, I’m so proud ^^

Ravelympics 2010 and extras

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I joined Team Buttercream for Ravelympics 2010, I’m doing the Dandy Neckerchief I started on Saturday for it. It’s slowly growing! I already repeated the pattern four times and, though I messed on some leaves, it’s not looking that bad so far.

To help relaxing a bit (knitting my first shawl, it being lace and with such a thin yarn and all), I made some quick projects.

On Monday I finished a blanket for my cats. I used a old yarn ball my mom found at the bottom of her cupboard, something ressembling corduroy but with a fluffier consistence. As soon as I came back home with the yarn, my cats loved it, so it just needed to be turn into a blanket for them 🙂

Kitty Blanket

Yarn: unknown
Needles: 8mm
Pattern: made up on the go. Mainly a 1k1p rib all around and plain stockinette for the rest

Today I made a cozy for my coffee mug. This is something I always wanted to have, and now that I finally know how to knit, it needed to be made. I used the Patty pattern by Jenny Raymond, but altered it a bit.

Patty mug cozy

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Brites in Limegreen
Needles: 4,5mm
Pattern: Patty by Jenny Raymond
Mods: I didn’t feel like looking for my crochet hooks, so I changed the closing system into a little tail with decreases.
r1 rs – k, ssk, ssk, k, k2tog, k2tog, k
r2 ws – p7
r3 rs – k, ssk, k, k2tog, k
r4 – p5
Continue 1 row knit, 1 row purl, until reaching the desired lenght. then purl one right side row and ready.
I used a small button so it could be slipped between the knitted stitches without extra fuss

And oh well, I just love my Rascal the Raccoon mug ❤

little sunday decisions

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I decided to start with my first shawl, and a lace one: the Dandy Neckerchief. It’s said to be quite easy, but I’m a bit scared about it being not only triangular, but with a lace pattern too. I will be using 3mm needles and some purple lace weight yarn I found at my parent’s house. My mom doesn’t knit anymore, and she was glad to give it to me

I found some time to wind up some of the wool I go from handpaintedyarns what seems like a life ago. I got this yarn when I learnt how to crochet, but I don’t really like crochet’s drape, so I never got to use it. Not that it helped the fact that the green and mustard skeins have some really thin parts, and others extremely thick. I had no idea how to crochet or use that in the past.

I plan to use the lovely violet one to make this vest, but it may just be too much lace after the shawl. We’ll see. Green or mustard fingerless mittens would look great, just need to check if the thick parts of the wool will let me knit up some simple pattern without messing with the gauge too much. I can always use it for a felted kitty bed, though. I’m sure my cats would approve

warm shoulders

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I finished my Anthropologie-inspired capelet and wore it today. It’s so warm ^^ I used one and a half balls of a merino/acrylic blend a friend gave me as a present, and knitted on 7mm needles

Now I’m trying to decide if I should try a vest with some wool I have in my stash, or an easy shawl with some purple yarn I stole from my mother.


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A ver qué tal se nos da esta nueva aventura…